Hello, dear curious person! This is a homepage of #999gifexplainers project, a marathon to create 999 pieces of microlearning content in GIF format called gifexplainers.

Microlearning is a new trend in e-learning. In essence it is a way of providing learning content in small chunks, that are easy to focus on, digest in short attention timespan and repeat when necessary.

GiF files are a perfect format for microlearning content. They are familiar to any internet user, are compatible with every device and are easy to share everywhere.

This project aims to show how easy it is to create microlearning content using GIFExplainer and at the same time create a large enough base of easily shareable educational content mostly dedicated to sci-pop.

All social network posts containing GIFs created for this project will by tagged with #999gifexplainers hashtag.

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If you like the project and wish to support it - order your own copy of GIFExplainer software! By doing it you not only support the #999fiexplainers project and the development of GIFExplainer app, but also get a license for the app that you can use to create your own educational content in GIF format.