Features overview

A tool that makes tech support fun.

Powerful screenshot capture

Built-in screenshot capture tool.

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Multilingual Projects

Store all languages in one project file. No need to maintain separate projects for each language your project supports.

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Templates for your guides and explainers

Some nice looking guide templates are included, or you can create your own.

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Built-in tools

Has a number of built-in tools like screenshot capture, tutorial maker, FAQ and Quiz makers, GIF recorder and more.

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yet still easy to use

No more steep learning curves of professional technical writing tools

Crate technical content like a pro, even with zero experience in technical writing.

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Why Helpinator?

Some reasons to chose Helpinator among other tech writing tools.

Easy to learn

Helpinator hides complicated things behind an easy to understand UI.

Professional outputs

Effortlessly create good looking documentation.

Reduce Support Load

Step-by-step guides and annotated screenshots make it easy to understand your documentation.

Write Faster

Tools like built-in phrase expander allow to write faster.


Costs less than competitors with comparable features.

Positive Reviews

People like how Helpinator helps :)